• Natalie Marleny

    Managing Director

    Natalie became an open source contributor to Next.js after building an UI Framework for scaling prototype codebases which was presented at Facebook's London Headquarters. Before founding Shard Systems, Natalie was a member of the platform team at the LEGO® Group, serving millions of unique visitors worldwide each month.

    Natalie Marleny from Shard Systems
  • Zoran Plesivcak

    Director of Engineering

    Previously Information Security Lead and a Site Reliability Engineer at McKinsey & Company. Zoran is passionate about the technological cutting edge that shapes the information systems and the Web of the future.

We take pride in building applications which have the ability to serve millions of visitors for negligible hosting costs. As a practice we value kindness, determination and being thorough.

Next Steps

We engage in short term contracts.

We're happy to provide a technical proposal for the prospective projects: we've found that this gives both sides a clear picture of the scope and helps our clients maximise their time with us.