A software practice delivering reliable and performant web applications

Back-End & Infrastructure

We specialise in Serverless deployments: serving millions of visitors for negligible hosting costs

  • AWS


    We use AWS as a foundation for making modern applications which require complex infrastructure.

    • Lambda
    • API Gateway
    • CloudFront
    • CloudFormation
    • EC2
    • S3
    • IAM
    • CloudTrail
    • CloudWatch
    • Route53
    • ECS
    • EKS
    • DynamoDB
    • RDS
  • Google Cloud


    GCP powers our applications which require advanced functionalities provided only by Google.

    • Compute Engine
    • Cloud Functions
    • Cloud Run
    • Cloud Storage
    • GKE
    • Firebase
    • Cloud SQL
    • Spanner
  • Cloudflare


    Shard Systems trusts Cloudflare to enable us to radically improve the performance and robustness of applications.

    • Cloudflare Workers
    • Cloudflare Workers KV
    • Durable Objects
    • Firewall
    • WAF
    • Argo Tunnel
  • Vercel


    Vercel enables us to develop solutions at a rapid pace. With using Vercel, we're able to deploy accessible and performant frontends.

    • Serverless Functions
    • Edge Network
    • Next.js Analytics
    • Custom Domains
  • Headless CMS


    By integrating a CMS we can enable your content-creators to deliver their ideas with a greater impact.

    • Sanity.io
    • Prismic
    • Contentful
  • Ecommerce Backends


    We empower your customers with an unobstructed access to your products.

    • Shopify
    • Big Commerce
  • Payments


    We're experts at adding a bespoke payments experience to any application.

    • Stripe
    • Square
  • Serverless


    The future is serverless: your app should scale globally and your business should benefit from the reliability of the established cloud technologies.

    • Serverless Framework
    • Bref.sh PHP Applications
    • Cloudflare Workers
    • AWS Lambda
    • GCP Cloud Run
    • GCP Cloud Functions
    • Vercel
  • Infrastructure as Code


    By following industry best practices we ensure that all our production environments are fully reproducible.

    • Terraform
    • AWS Cloudformation
    • Ansible
    • Pulumi
    • Chef
  • CI/CD Pipelines


    We are keen to delegate the often repeated tasks to the machines. Everything that can be automated - should.

    • GitHub Actions
    • CircleCI
    • Jenkins
    • Travis CI
  • Back-End APIs


    We create APIs by carefully choosing the most appropriate technology for the job.

    • Node.js
    • Rust
    • Golang
    • Python
    • Haskell
    • Scala
    • Java
    • PHP
    • HTTP
    • GRPC
    • Websockets
    • Protobuf
    • Cap'n Proto
  • Containers


    We leverage container and orchestration technologies to isolate compute workloads and scale them horizontally.

    • Docker Engine
    • Docker Compose
    • Docker Swarm
    • Kubernetes


Next.js is our preferred Framework for the implementation of React Applications

  • Next.js


    We are developer experts and open-source contributors to Next.js, the leading Framework for performant React Applications.

    • Internationalisation
    • Image Optimization
    • Refactoring Gatsby sites
  • GraphQL


    GraphQL libraries allow us to populate UIs with data from various sources.

    • Apollo Server
    • Apollo Client
    • Relay
    • urql
  • Best practices


    Our defining feature as a practice is taking our craft seriously and we take pride in doing our job well.

    • TypeScript
    • Jest
    • ESLint
    • Prettier
    • Babel
    • webpack


We leverage the latest web technologies to improve the discoverability and the usability of our apps

  • AMP


    We consider AMP to be the leading technology for static pages.

  • PWA


    We make our apps PWA compliant which improves customer engagement.

  • Structured Data


    By aligning Schema.org standards for articles and Ecommerce stores we increase the conversion rate of prospective customers.

Next Steps

We engage in short term contracts.

We're happy to provide a technical proposal for the prospective projects: we've found that this gives both sides a clear picture of the scope and helps our clients maximise their time with us.